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2XU is an Australian company that produces a technical range of sports apparel that gives athletes improvement at all levels. Their run, swim, cycle, triathlete and fitness lines are designed with careful development and rigorous testing to improve anti-chafing, thermal regulation, moisture management and support which yields a far superior level of performance and recovery.

The jewel in their crown, however, is their compression line, which delivers all of the benefits of their clothing lines, and adds improved circulation, and heightened stability and agility while providing reduced muscle vibration/muscle fatigue and reduced soft muscle tissue damage.

All of this is coupled with 2XU Compression's flexibility in performance roles during activity, training and competition and in recovery roles when you're sleeping, traveling or just hanging around at home in between marathons, Ironmans, swim meets, football games, soccer matches or whatever you're into.

2XU compression clothing embodies Human Performance Multiplied - Your energy and ability magnified, allowing you to work out and compete longer, stronger, faster, and more frequently after past workouts and competitions.

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